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Here are nine of Siglio's most popular and beloved books, all embodying our commitment to "the book" as refuge, dissent, beacon, and nexus.

JOE BRAINARD — The Nancy Book

Co-edited by Ron Padgett and Lisa Pearson + essays by Ann Lauterbach and Ron Padgett

HB  |  7.5 x 9.75  |  144 pages  |  color and b+w

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Siglio's first book: always, unfailingly a delight.

"Brainard was a master of life’s micro-comedies, the unheard laughter that courses through any truly alert consciousness. And Nancy, with that bow like a pulsating noodle in her frizzy hair, is as good a Descartes as any for our age."  —Albert Mobilio, BOOKFORUM

From 1963 to 1978 Joe Brainard created more than one hundred works of art that appropriated the classic comic strip character Nancy and sent her into an astonishing variety of spaces, all electrified and complicated by the incongruity of her presence. Includes collaborations with Bill Berkson, Ted Berrigan, Robert Creeley, Frank O'Hara, James Schuyler, and more.

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JOHN CAGE — Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)

Co-edited by Richard Kraft and Joe Biel + afterword by David W. Rose

PB  |  5.75 x 8.25  |  200 pages  |  full color

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Play and purpose from the ever radical Cage

"Over sixteen years, beginning in 1965, John Cage compiled anecdotes, observations and koanlike tales... using chance methods to determine the formatting of texts that twist down each page. The Siglio edition preserves the graphic effects, but, more important, it gives a sense of the company he kept during these years—Marcel Duchamp, R. Buckminster Fuller, D.T. Suzuki—and of his passionate feeling about a world locked in a state of perpetual warfare. Cage has a reputation for being a Zen-inspired wit. He was also much more, an intensely engaged moral thinker."  —Holland Cotter, NEW YORK TIMES

This is the second, expanded edition with a new afterword and facsimile reproductions from Cage’s notebook for his unpublished ninth part.

KAREN GREEN — Bough Down

HB  |  5.75 x 7.75  |  188 pages  |  full color

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Read this one in one sitting—you will hold your breath—and then want read it again.

"One of the most beautiful expressions of love and loss you will ever read. Bough Down put me in mind somehow of the Portuguese fado: a lament rendered so precisely it becomes luminous and affirmative. This is a profound, lovely, bitterly funny book that fulfills the first requirement of great art: it is magical." —George Saunders

With fearlessness and grace, Karen Green has created a beautiful and intensely moving lament. In this unusual narrative constructed of crystalline fragments of prose interspersed with miniature collages, Green conjures the urgency and inscrutability of a world shaped by love and loss.

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KAREN GREEN — Frail Sister

HB  |  7.5 x 10  |  164 pages  |  full color

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Like discovering a dark treasure box in the attic 

“What a beautiful, strange book—found objects and fictional prose brought together to tell the real and imagined story of Constance Gale, through letters to her sister, letters from young men at war. From the beginning to the end of the book, we bear witness to a life, too-short but fully-lived. This is simply fascinating and gorgeously written, gorgeously assembled.” —Roxane Gay

This exquisitely woven, epistolary and visual fiction is an imagined archive of altered photos, letters, collages and drawings. This rescued history of a missing woman’s life asks: How does a woman disappear?

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