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Forthcoming! A testament to the Resistance: Every day since Trump was inaugurated in 2017, artist Richard Kraft has been assigning him colored cards for his transgressions, like a soccer ref. Special pre-order price.

The Newest: Siglio's four critically lauded books from 2020 use language, image, the space of the page, and the book as object in startlingly beautiful ways: Madeline Gins, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Ray Johnson, and Bernadette Mayer.

Beloved Books! Joe Brainard! John Cage! Karen Green! Dick Higgins! Ray Johnson! Dorothy Iannone! Tantra Song! Cecilia Vicuña! A big embrace of experiment, expansiveness, indeterminacy, and contradiction.

Artist Focus—Sophie Calle: Two books by the renowned artist whose controversial works often fuse investigatory methods, fictional constructs, conceptual art, and the artful composition of self.

O! Collage!—A wide selection of collage works, some full of beguiling nonsense, others plundering (or inventing) archives to tell untold stories, all using juxtaposition and friction to see the world in new ways.

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* The current siglio ephemera is The Improbable, Vol. 1, Issue No. 2 (Time Is Elastic), a miscellany investigating the space between art and literature, which includes: Nicole Rudick on Niki de Saint Phalle, Shiv Kotecha on Nicolas Moufarrege, J. Mae Barizo on the violence of the archive, Anaïs Duplan on the Black avant-garde, Douglas Kearney on frequencies, Amaranth Borsuk on Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Clive Phillpot on the Flat Time House, and Rachel Valinsky writing news from home (invoking Hanne Darboven and Chantal Ackermann).

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